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spiritrials is what happens when too many Saturday nights are blended seamlessly into Sunday morning. It’s for that time of the night when sobriety sets back in but the promise of salvation is still so far…“a dark gospel blue.”

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Beginning at the onset of “the high”, the climax, dahLak descends into the dark backlash of hip-hop’s monotonic grand narrative: greed and lust, hedonism and materialism. Through the mess, through the muck and the mire, profound glory and residues of hope find their way back into the heart of the poet.

Are we still talking about a hip-hop album? Yes. But think “hip-hop album” in the sense of art rather than a collection of disposable mp3’s. The hip-hop industry is too fast. So is the music. So is the life in the music. But as life teaches us, as Spirit x Trials teaches us, “live fast and die young”. spiritrials is for sustainability. In music and in life.

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Dahlak is a multi-faceted hip-hop artist maximizing his abilities as musician, actor, poet, and educator within the transformational space of the theater.

Since launching into the national spoken word scene by winning the Brave New Voices international poetry slam (as now seen on HBO), Dahlak has performed on the Tavis Smiley Radio show and the past two seasons of Russell Simmons’ present Def Poetry Jam. Dahlak has worked with Broadway veteran and Rockefeller fellow, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, by writing and performing in his critically acclaimed plays Scourge and Word Becomes Flesh. As a member of the organization iLL-Literacy, Dahlak has showcased his seamless, blend of hip-hop, theatre, and spoken word throughout the U.S. and overseas. From 2007 to 2010, Dahlak has released three musical projects, which includes, most notably, his full-length album Dual Consciousness. Currently, Dahlak is crafting a multi-dimensional project entitled spiritrials that will be released as an album and performed as a one-man play.