SPIRITRIALS This multi-dimensional play layers character monologues, poetic verse, and selected arrangements from Dahlak’s self-produced Spiritrials [...]

Other Work

SPOKEN WORD   MUSIC   VINTAGE   INTERVIEWS/EPK/BACKGROUND   PERFORMANCE EDUCATION Full video of Adapting History – Dahlak – Montalvo Arts Center from [...]
artistic sketch of Dahlaks face

Where We Live: Live Interview

This is a special, post-radio show performance from Dahlak Brathwaite. His performance, Spiritrials, was at the University of Saint Joseph earlier this [...]

Now Is the Moment

At intermission during a recent preview, 20 facilitators, some from the writing corps Youth Speaks, broke the audience up into groups of 30 or so for a [...]

About Dahlak

I’m a writer. I deal in words. I create art that is meant to be heard, felt through vibrations, and contemplated. Various mediums, for me, are different [...]